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Looking to join the fun and fantastic Ticketing Crew. Wanna help out at Confest but don't know where to start? It all begins here with the Ticketing Crew.

Come join us

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1. Register - Make sure you are registered

2. Volunteer Form - Fill out this form and tick Ticketing Crew!

3. Rosters - Once you are approved, you will see you name appear on the rosters here.

Where we hang

Facebook - Check out our Facebook page like it and share with your friends.

Ticketing Forum - Jump into the Ticketing Forum to ask any questions you may have about volunteering at Confest.

Email Ticketing - If you can't find the information you are looking for or have a question, Please email us.




Ticketing Ops Doc - Ticketing Ops Doc is where you can find out information about ticketing e.g where are the ticket scanners. 

Ticketing Forum - Check out the Ticketing Forum to see any updates on whats going on

Roles - We are looking for people for.

The following are the Roles that exist at the front Gate. We hope one of them appeals to you

Facilitator - All year round department Roles

Supervisor Cash/Terminal Sales - Supervisor for shifts, Wristbands and wristbands

Supervisor Wristbanders - Supervisor for shifts, Wristbands and wristbands


Cashier - Handles the cash and terminal sales

Wristbands - When tickets are scanned wristbands are give to the attendee

Ticket Enquiries - Handles the ticketing enquiries

Ticket Refunds - Mainly Post Event, requires understanding of TryBooking and clearance by the board