Site Operations
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Site Operations is the team that operates the support services radio network within Confest.

Ops runs 24 hours each day of Confest; advising support teams of the needs for their services. These could range from a medical or fire emergency to a loo running out of paper.

Operators are rostered to share the coverage while still enabling them to participate in the fun of Confest activities.

The qualities needed in an Ops member are the ability to listen, speak clearly, think on one's feet and compile clear notes. Because some of our callers are under duress, being a "people person" is on top of the list.

Training is provided and experienced operators are on hand to ensure priorities are maintained.

As a "banded volunteer"each Ops operator is able to receive meals (free) from the Hub Crew Kitchen. So there's no need to waste time and effort preparing food. Crews from all over the site eat at the Hub, so it is a real social centre.

In addition, once 24 hours of volunteer service have been recorded, a significant refund is made from the entry fee.

Ops is certainly not a dull place to work. Being in the centre of the Support Services area, it is a great place to meet people. It also gives a real insight into how Confest works.

Ops is Confest's nerve centre. If you want to attend the ultimate Confest workshop, get with Ops.

STOP PRESS - We're preparing plans for Easter Confest 2017 now. If you believe you have what it takes to be an Ops operator, get your application in. 

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