Media Crew
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Looking to join the fun and fantastic Media Crew. Wanna help out at Confest but don't know where to start? It all begins here with the Media Crew.

Come join us


1. Register - Make sure you are registered

2. Volunteer Form - Fill out this form and tick Media Crew!

Where we hang

Facebook - Check out our Facebook page like it and share with your friends.

Media Crew Forum - Jump into the Front Gate Forum to ask any questions you may have about volunteering at Confest.

Email Media - If you can't find the information you are looking for or have a question, Please email us.


Administration - For Media Crew Facilitators Only

Media Crew GDoc  - A Google Doc where you can find out information about how we are forming our media crew. If you do not have access to this Document please ask

Roles - We are looking for people for.

The following are the Roles that exist at the Media Crew. We hope one of them appeals to you

Co Facilitator's - All year round department Role in ensuring all crew members are fully enabled to complete their tasks

2IC - work with the co facilitators, a facilitator in training

Editorial Crew - Gathers, creates and curates content for the Newsletter and Website

Photography - Gathers, creates and curates content for the Newsletter and Website

Community Relations Coordinator  - Media Liaison between the crew and community

Newsletter Publisher - Responsible for  the Newsletter

Database Manager - Managing Newsletter and other tables

Project Management - Keeps everyone up to date and on track

Artistic Directors - Keeps the flow of Traffic going

Developer - IT skills to help produce the material required

Administration - Handle paperwork, enquiries