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This page is being constantly reviewed and updated as the main site is completed and questions and answers arrive


Welcome, there are some things we would like you to do
* Register
* Fill out a volunteer form 
* Join a couple of groups you would like to volunteer for

There are always alternative systems to consider and we should all be considering new technologies as they come along.  Some things though aren't about the technology, it is in how you support and enable those the system is mean't to be serving.

So while we can implement and ask of their consideration we understand that its in the process of consideration was it easy/hard. Does it make sense?

To that end we are very keen to create as much support as we need to first in a documented and then in other forms when they become required.

Having said all that, this tool is not instead of, its in support of.  If you already have a group working well in Facebook or somewhere else, then keep using it. Just add to your group page a link to where the activity is.

So if you need help or have a suggestion, then just fire off a message to support

Making Use of This
There are two parts
* The Groups  - Its own landing page
    * The Volunteers - Finding people for your crew

* The User - Your own profile page - only viewable once you have registered and logged in

After you register and log in check out the groups and their associated forums. 
* This is where you can find news and discussions about a particular activity.  Propose new ideas and work together to make them happen.

You can connect with other users within the groups you are interested in

You can add los of things to your profile

Send a private message
You are able to send a private message through the system to any volunteer, it is forwarded as both as an email and a pm

Reply to a forum post

Create a new forum post