Front Gate Crew

What an AMAZING celebration last year, over 7,000 people through the gate if you include the little ones. It's great being one of the volunteers who are there when people arrive for the first time on site.

It was such an amazing experience. It was a first time for alot of the procedures at the Front Gate. Wristbands, scanners and e - tickets, everyone's response to the changes were amazing. 

I just wanted to give a MASSIVE shout out to all the volunteers that helped at the Gate!!! It made our job and group experience just so much easier! Everyone brought smiles to share :)

See you at Front Gate


Gate Crew is responsible for a smooth running of the entrance into the gathering.

Looking to join the fun and fantastic Front Gate Crew. Wanna help out at Confest but don't know where to start? It all begins here with the Front Gate Crew

Come join us


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Front Gate - Set Up
  - Help us set up before a gathering

Front Gate - During  - Help us run it during a gathering

Front Gate - Pack Down  - Help us pack down after a gathering

Rosters - Once you are approved, you will see you name appear on the rosters here.

The following are the Roles that exist at the Front Gate. We hope one of them appeals to you

Facilitator - All year round department Roles

Shift Supervisor -  Supervise the whole shift, ensure everyones capable and happy at what they re doing

Admin & Roster - Helps with the administration and rostering of volunteers and their paperwork

Scanner - Scans tickets when they are presented

Wristbands - When tickets are scanned wristbands are give to the attendee

Runner - Keeps everyone up to date and keeps everything from water bottles to scanners charged

Traffic - Keeps the flow of Traffic going and is the first point of control re correct parking access

STOP PRESS - Latest from the Front Gate at Confest