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Looking to join the fun and fantastic Bike Crew? Wanna help out at Confest but don't know where to start? It all begins here with the Bike Crew. If you are interested in becoming part of the BIKE CREW as a 24hr worker volunteer - this is the page for you.

We provide bikes to 24hr worker volunteers for their duties. We have fun bike rides, music, social activities and celebrate our bike culture in the spirit of peace and love. We are located in the Arts Village and camp as a group around our workshop in a corral. Tea and refreshments are taken in the lounge area where we take our breaks and generally socialise.
Everyone interested in bike culture is welcome to visit. Please enter via the gateway. There is usually someone available to talk. Bike Crew may run bike cultural workshops and rides which will be advertised at certain times. General admittance Confest attendees may volunteer to do their 2hrs community service with Bike Crew by helping/learning. This could be the sample of what Bike Crew is like for 24hr volunteering or just for fun. Sometimes we are "OPEN" and other times "CLOSED". You could meet the bike GURUS.
Bike Crew 24hr volunteers require some skills. Foremost is the ability to follow instructions, work safely and care for tools and equipment. Mechanical skills, especially with bicycles, are highly regarded and experience in community bike workshops, most highly regarded. The largest part of our work is maintenance and repair of the bike library bikes. Basic customer service, reception, clerical and administrative record keeping are all useful additional skills. Putting up tarpaulines, erecting temporary fencing, securing groundsheets, materials handling, cleaning and painting are useful skills. Novice volunteers will work under direct supervision at the beginning. Bike Crew Coordinators reserve the right to dismiss volunteers who do not meet minimum standards. 
24 hr worker volunteers can do part of their required volunteer hours with Bike Crew provided this is acceptable to their assigned crew facilitator. Bring your timesheet for completion and signatures. (Read the above paragraph).
Confest Bike Crew loans out bikes from a bike library at Confest for the use by 24hr worker volunteers (subject to availability).
To become a worker volunteer requires special registration, you must do so via this website (see links below) to be acknowledged as a volunteer. All worker volunteers are required to perform 24hrs of work, usually arrive early on the festival site to prepare and set up the festival amenities and services and leave later to dismantle, clean up and pack away materials after the festival. Worker volunteers pay a reduced entry fee to the festival (in return for their volunteer labour), can get fed at the worker kitchen and can borrow a bike for their duties and convenience during the festival (dependant on availability). Worker volunteers wear a special wristband that distinguishes them from general public attendees. The worker volunteer wristband MUST BE SHOWN to borrow a bike. If you don't have the correct wristband you will be turned away.
If you wear the worker wristband and borrow a bike, you agree to follow the rules:
* You must provide your details of name, crew and phone number which will be recorded in a register by one of the bike crew to borrow a bike, 
* The bike is your responsibility and if you must care for it against damage and theft (B.Y.O bike lock),
* DO NOT RIDE OFF THE BEATEN TRACK (going cross country will pepper the tyres with thorns and wreck the tyres and deflate the tubes),
* Do not lend the bike to others,
* Do not park the bike on tracks or roads where it can trip pedestrians of get run over by vehicles,
* Do not race or attempt stunts on the bike,
* Ride slowly and carefully around pedestrians,
* Do not ride the bike at night,
* Sturdy foot wear is highly recommended to prevent injury to your feet,
* Bring the bike back when you have finished using it, when instructed and at the end of the festival.
We do not provide bikes to the public for loan or purchase, we do not repair or maintain the private bikes of general admittance Confest attendees and we do not fix kids bikes. We do not lend out tools. Our bike corral is a REAL WORKSHOP, with tools and materials that pose occupational health and safety hazards. Admittance to the bike coral workshop is by invitation only. Subject to facilitator approval, bike crew volunteer availability and resources, Bike Crew MAY provide help or self-help resources to general admittance Confest attendees. If you are bringing a private bike to Confest make sure you lock it up as bikes get stolen far too often and bring a bike pump, puncture repair kit and a wheel nut spanner / bike tool kit. Have a look at your bike before bringing it, visit your local bike shop or community bike workshop to make sure it is in good working order.   


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