Join a Crew here

 A contribution of two hours of your time to help create and run ConFest is a condition of entry. This can include things like sign painting, cooking for volunteers, welcoming at the gate as well as some of the more adventurous tasks involving tractors and tools.


Gift your time and energy at the massage space, Start a village and/or energise a communal cooking space, hold a workshop or conference, create an art project or give a performance.


Organise a ceremony or spiritual ritual, create an activity space for yourself and other ConFesters to enjoy, or simply make sure your local toilets stay stocked with toilet paper and lime (these can be found at the Information area).


Whatever shape your contribution to ConFest takes, know that you are part of creating a gathering that has changed and uplifted thousands of hearts and minds. Know that you are experiencing a real life exploration of alternative and more compassionate ways of relating to each other and the world around us. And know that you are part of a large and vibrant community rich with talents, insights, skills and experience, and that you by your contribution are a cherished part if its creation.


If you would like to volunteer for more than 2 hours, please fill out the volunteer form or enquire at the info tent during the festival.


Volunteers are always most welcome at First Aid and Fire, if you have a first aid certificate or other medical or fire training please let us know beforehand by sending an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or just drop in and have a chat with our wonderful First Aid and Fire crew at ConFest.