Help - Connect with other volunteers

Make connections and build networks

First, register at
Then go to "Log In"at the main menu and select "My Profile"
On the left side, there is a drop-down menu.
Click it and select "Connections"

Now you can begin connecting with departments and other ConFesters

Select "Participating" from the main menu. Here you will find many of the departments responsible for putting on ConFest and for looking after the properties and organisation between festivals. There are many areas that can always use an extra volunteer.

Joining groups here will connect you with the volunteers who look after that department. From there you may be directed to a Facebook group, and email list, skype conversation or literally any method of connecting in the real world.  You should also complete a volunteer form to express your interest, either for a role at the festival, or to help out between events. 

In addition to the crews that make ConFest happen, some examples of how you could help during year are

  • working bees
  • landcare groups
  • interstate gatherings
  • web & media
  • mapping
  • vehicle maintenance
  • committees
  • public co-op meetings
  • co-op administration
We look forward to hearing from you and sharing the ConFest experience more and more.